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Western Red Cedar is well known for its warmth, character, exceptional beauty, and legendary performance as an exterior siding or trim product. It is an extremely versatile wood specie that accepts and holds a wide range of beautiful finishes exceptionally well, including Weathering Stains, Tinted Solutions, Semi-Transparent stains and traditional solid colors, which offer the best protection.


As one of nature’s most sustainable materials, Elite Western Red Cedar siding and trim is made from a naturally renewable resource and cut from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that this durable material remains available to use for generations to come. Once it is cut, western red cedar is transformed from raw timber into beautiful building products that are used on residential and commercial construction projects across North America. This production process requires less energy, and also creates less air and water pollution, compared to the production of other more processed building materials like polymer based, wood composites or fiber cement products. Should you ever need to replace western red cedar, the old wood is completely biodegradable unlike other non-wood siding and trim materials.


While Western Red Cedar is known for its beauty and performance, its functionality is equally impressive. WRC building materials are not bound by the latest fashion trends and blend well with multiple architectural designs. The natural appearance of Western Red Cedar continues to look good and perform for many years, so you’ll be less likely to remodel or replace it.

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