Elite Shingles Product Brochure:


The best choice for exterior siding…

#1 Grade

  • No grades to choose from, just the very best grade produced for sidewall shingles
  • Always Kiln-Dried to proper moisture content for superior coating adhesion
  • 100% Clear, never any knots or defects, easier to work with
  • 100% Heartwood provides a longer lasting shingle
  • 100% Edgegrain insures smoother and more consistent surfaces and superior coating adhesion versus shingles cut with flat grain
  • 100% Edgegrain also creates better dimensional stability, therefore enhancing the performance of the coatings applied

Thicker and Wider Shingles

  • .45″ thick butts combined with 100% edgegrain provide a heavier shadow line and ensure shingles lay flatter on the wall
  • When properly installed the thicker shingle minimizes the potential for cupping, curling and lifting
  • Shingles vary in width from 3″ to 14″ providing wider average widths and less total fasteners used on the project

More Exposure Options

  • Better exterior design flexibility with 18″ length, thicker butt shingles allows for up to a maximum of 7″ exposures on the wall

Superior Coating Technology

  • Coatings offered from PPG, the originator and industry leader in machine applied coating technology
  • PPG Seal Grip acrylic, low VOC tannin stain blocking primer is used as first coat for solid colors offering maximum tannin stain inhibitor
  • Solid Color offerings, use PPG Machinecoat 100% acrylic, low VOC stain providing mildew resistance, UV resistance and repels water
  • Custom colors in both semi-transparent and solids are available with 5 week lead time

Expertly Coated Under Ideal Conditions

  • Coated by SBC Cedar, an industry leader in machine coating application for over 20 years
  • Proprietary dipping process is executed in a factory controlled environment under ideal conditions of temperature and humidity to ensure the perfect finish every time

Backed by Written Warranties

  • Backed by PPG written limited warranties which vary

Coverage Information

Elite stained Western Red Cedar shingles are packaged in boxes. To calculate how many boxes you will need, use the chart for information on approximate coverage per box based on different shingle exposures. Please note the maximum exposure is 7″.

Touch Up Stain Options

When installing Elite stained Western Red Cedar shingles all cuts must be touched up to maintain coating warranties. Color matched touch up stain options are listed below. Please specify at time ordering.

  • Touch Up Kits (4-4 ounce dabber application bottles)
  • Gallons

Designer Fancy Cut Shingles Options

For custom architectural details, Elite stained Western Red Cedar shingles are also available in fancy cuts as a custom order. Choose from the styles above with approximately 5 week delivery time.

Photos courtesy of Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau. Consult www.cedarbureau.org for the most current technical details.

Custom Color Factory Orders

Need a custom color match? Elite stained Western Red Cedar shingles are available in wide variety of coating and custom color options. Tinted clear solutions, semi transparent stains and solid color stains to match your specifications. Solid colors are available with primer plus one coat and primer plus two coats. All custom orders are coated with PPG machine applied coatings. Please provide the color you are trying to match and samples will be provided for review, approval and written sign off. The sample process will take about one week. Delivery time will be approximately 4 weeks after approval and written sign off of sample. A $250.00 set up charge applies for orders under 40 boxes.

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